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About Kiron

In today’s overly busy world which is full of pressures, our minds & bodies often start to show the impact.

I chose to qualify with the Human Givens School of Psychotherapy - the only school that is recognised and recommended by the government for soldiers with PTSD and that Aviva Private Health Insurance recommends for its customers. I’m able to use my skills and knowledge to help people with emotional distress to function fully, and out of their pain, in a relatively short space of time.

There’s a saying that I love… “you can’t nourish a closed mouth” – just how true is this? If you don’t open your mouth to talk and be heard, how can you begin to figure things out in your head? I work with men, women and children of all ages from all sorts of backgrounds to deal with their mental distress challenges in a way that allows them to move forward in life and make changes that work for them.

In around 4-6 sessions, I am able to help people:

  • Reduce anxiety
    Break the cycle of depression
  • Treat psychological trauma
    Manage anger
  • Stop addictive behaviours
    Relieve medical conditions
    Harmonise relationships

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we'll work to achieve the goal together.

I am a certified specialist in the branch of psychology concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental illness and behavioural problems. My other passion is publishing. You can find and purchase all my books within this site.

Kiron Collett

What I Can Offer

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A therapy that helps establish a more profound ground for healthy relationship.

Mental health

Improve your focus, relieve stress and anxiety, and develop creativity.


Achieve a better level of your well-being and the ability to manage feelings.


Invaluable insight into the knowledge of reducing conflict in relationship.


Learn how to deal with difficult emotions and feelings by using healthy strategies.


If your depression is keeping you from living your life don’t hesitate to seek help.

Mind Games

It is crucial to understand how to prevent others from playing such games with you.


Focus your attention on calmness and increase your personal awareness.

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